Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Staff Testimonials

"OAFV is the biggest adventure!! We have an amazingly supportive leadership team that are always there when you need them, making sure you can really impact children that need you the most. The children are incredible, each a bubbly character that never fails to make me smile! I couldn’t imagine teaching anywhere else". 
K Bray, Teacher

"We have a Principal that genuinely cares about all children and staff and is very supportive. We have a great team of staff and we all get along really well. Our children are full of character and it’s easy to build a strong relationship with. Also working with them is fun".
J Balazs, Family Liaison

"I enjoy working with OAFV because it's like a big united family.  We are here for each other and look after each other. The children here are unique and they need our care and love more than anyone else".
H Guo, Teaching Assistant

"I’ve worked at Oasis Fir Vale for nearly 5 years now and have enjoyed every minute of it. There is no other job as rewarding as working with the children from the Page Hall Community. I have learnt so much while working with an amazing and extremely friendly team and have enjoyed seeing our children grow, learn and develop into responsible and inspirational teenagers".
A Freeman, Teacher

"Oasis very generously provide lots of training for all members, we have a very good provision for teaching equipment.  Oasis looks after staff and everybody is treated fairly and equally.  I really enjoy the multicultural environment at our school". 
T Volgina, Teaching Assistant