Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Student Achievement

At Oasis Academy Fir Vale we want our students to enjoy learning, make great progress and achieve their potential.

Assessment is an essential part of the curriculum for both academic and character education. The purpose of academic assessment in the OCL curriculum is to identify gaps in knowledge and  understanding that teachers can promptly address gaps by adapting their lessons using a deep understanding of the related pedagogy. We assess children’s character and personal development and identify where children require development, support and guidance. Purposeful character development will enable children and young people to have the skills and attributes needed for academic success. Responsive feedback is the process by which we provide our children and young 
people with meaningful, concise and impactful advice or challenges which shape the direction of their work and provides the framework for eventual independence of these skills. Formative assessment, including knowledge quizzing and checking for understanding, takes place in every lesson. Graded summative assessments are less frequent and assess cumulative understanding, giving us a national comparator across Oasis to ensure in-depth analysis from all stakeholders and forensic distribution of support and best practice. Children and young people working significantly below their peers or new to English are assessed in detail with personalised targets followed to maximise progress. Assessment is used at a Trust level to help inform reviews of the curriculum and plan professional development for staff or direct support from the Trust.

We value our partnerships with parents and carers.  To promote taking pride in achievements, we hold a celebration assembly every Friday.  We report to parents throughout the year.  Parent consultations are held in October and March and a written record of achievements is sent home in July.  Parent consultations are a time for parents to meet with class teachers to discuss progress, attainment and how children can improve their learning across all subjects.  The record of achievement includes information about children’s effort and attitude to learning, attendance, progress and attainment in all subjects, targets for the following year and ideas to help at home. 

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