Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Student Achievement

At Oasis Academy Fir Vale we want our students to enjoy learning, make great progress and achieve their potential.

In order to do this we use a range of methods to assess each child’s individual starting point and next steps.  Our lessons are planned carefully to take into account the learning styles, strengths and next steps of all our students to help them make great progress across the whole curriculum.  Class teams use assessments for learning daily through skilful questioning, participation and on the spot marking to check learning is secure and correct misconceptions. 

Teachers assess children’s progress and attainment every term.  These judgements are supplemented with a range of assessment tools including phonic assessments, independent writing activities, Salford Reading Tests and English and Maths tests.  Moderation takes place between classes each term to agree judgements are accurate. 

We value our partnerships with parents and carers.  To promote taking pride in achievements, we hold a celebration assembly every Friday, a link to which is available on the school website.  We report to parents throughout the year.  Parent consultations are held in October and March and a written record of achievements is sent home in July.  Parent consultations are a time for parents to meet with class teachers to discuss progress, attainment and how children can improve their learning across all subjects.  The record of achievement includes information about children’s effort and attitude to learning, attendance, progress and attainment in all subjects, targets for the following year and ideas to help at home. 

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