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Welcome to Nursery Kittens

In nursery we have 2 members of staff, Miss Sibbald,  our nursery teacher and Mrs Parvin, our nursery teaching assistant. Nursery begins each day at 840 and ends at 1140. Parents and carers are welcome to stay in the classroom  and play with their children until 855.

In nursery we do not have set topics,  our learning relates directly to the interests of the children and what we see in the world around us. In addition, every day we sing songs and nursery rhymes, make our own weather reports and talk about seasonal change, learn to count and recognise numbers, shapes and colours. We also take part in toothbrush club, so we can learn to look after our teeth properly.

Children have access to a healthy snack and milk every morning, which they are encouraged to help themselves to. Outdoor learning is really important in the Early Years. We spend lots of time learning outside, so it is essential to have warm coats and footwear.

Reception Foxes - Miss Bray

Hello and welcome to Reception Foxes!

We are going to be having a very busy and exciting first term. I have been making sure our learning journey is going to be lots of fun! We are starting by learning about Sounds All Around Us and Nursery Rhymes. That means lots of singing and dancing, whilst we settle into school and learn the routines of the classroom! How fun!!

We are then moving on to our ‘Homes’ topic. We will be exploring the Goldilocks Story, and talking about the differences in every body’s home life! To finish the topic will be having a porridge tasting! How exciting!

After Christmas we will be looking at “People Who Help Us” and having a special visit from some Police Officers and maybe even Fire Fighters!! This is my favourite topic because we get to do lots of roleplay and pretend to be different people!

After this, we will be learning all about “Animals” and if we are lucky, we will get a special visitor who will bring their pets!!

Our next topic will be “Food” and we will be trying to grow our own beanstalks and strawberries in our garden! Yum yum! We also explore the story of The Gingerbread Man and will be baking lots of delicious treats!

As well as all this fun, we will be learning to read, write and count confidently. We really are going to be very busy!!

My Planning, Preparation and Assessment time will be on Tuesday morning. During this time Miss Hussain will be teaching the class.

I encourage you to share a story with your children every evening and make sure that they come to school with a coat every day as we will be spending a lot of our time learning outside.

I am excited for this year, I hope you are too!

Miss Bray


Reception Bunnies - Miss Radcliffe

Welcome to Reception Bunnies

I am Miss Radcliffe and I will be working with Miss Dunkova this year to support your children and ensure they have an exciting year ahead.

I am committed to ensure your child reaches their full potential in a way that will be enjoyable and well matched to their individual needs.

We have an action packed year ahead, providing learning by planning interesting topics such as
·         Music and sounds all aroun
·         Around the home
·         People who help us
·         Animals
·         Food
·         Places

Autumn 1
To begin the year, we will be making lots of noise and enjoying learning based around the topic Music and Sounds all around. This topic will help your child build their confidence in the classroom with the use of Nursery rhymes, listening tasks and music making. Myself and Miss Dunkova will be spending lots of time getting to know each and every child, supporting them to build relationships as well as encouraging them to explore their new learning environment indoors and out.

Autumn 2
After that, we will learn about things we find around the homes and looking at family life. We will be using stories such as Goldilocks and the Three bears and The Washing Line just to name a few. The children will be creating lots of pictures and begin to write simple labels and captions.

Spring 1
I know the children will enjoy this topic; we hope to make it very interactive with lots of visitors or visits. The children will surely love exploring different occupations of people they have already met such as the police, nurse and dentists. We will be looking at the skills of calculation in our mathematics work.

Spring 2
During this term, we will be learning by using the books ‘We are walking through the jungle’. We will be focusing on the key events and making sure we are 100% sure of the order in which they happen. Toward the end of the topic the children will have a surprise to look forward to- but more will be revealed around this in due cause. In mathematics, we will be learning about weight, how to weight items accurately and how to compare the weight of different items.

Summer 1
Our next topic will be “Food” and we will be trying to grow our own beanstalks and strawberries in our garden! Yum yum! We also explore the story of The Gingerbread Man and will be baking lots of delicious treats!

Summer 2
Our final topic of the year is places where we will be exploring some lovely story books such as ‘Bog Baby’ and ‘We are going on a bear hunt’. In  this topic we will be hunting lots of places and this adventure may take us on an out of school trip to the Tropical Butterfly house.
Outdoor Play Come Rain or Shine!
An important part of the EYFS curriculum is outdoor play; we will be taking your child into our outdoor learning space whatever the weather. At Oasis Academy Fir Vale we strongly believe that some children learn best when outdoors, therefore we ask that you ensure your child has the following things to make sure they are equipped for all unforeseen weather. You can help by ensuring:

-      Your child brings a suitable waterproof coat to school everyday!
-      Provide wellington boots- for wet days and so your child can get involved in more messy activities.
-      Ensure your child has a hat, scarf and gloves on colder days
-      Think sun smart- apply sun cream before they come to school on hot days and ensure they have sun hats.
Finally can I take this opportunity to ask parents to listen to your child read every night and please ensure that your child comes to school with their reading bags and books every day.
Miss Radcliffe will be covered by Miss Crookes on a Tuesday morning. Also Mrs Parvin will join us from time to time in the classroom, isn’t it great we get so many teachers. Any questions or concerned this year please speak to a member of the staff team without delay, we are always happy to help.
Thank you for your time and we are looking forward to teaching Reception as we have a very exciting year ahead of us.
Miss Radcliffe 

Year 1 Zebras - Miss Turner

Welcome to Year 1 Zebras.
We have an amazing year ahead of us. Miss Robertshaw and I will make sure the learning journey is exciting and that children enjoy every step of the way.
Our starting topic is Dinosaurs. We will learn all about the different types and read about their adventures. At the end of our topic, we will make dinosaur fossils for a big dinosaur dig.

After this, our topic will be Seasons, which will include learning about seasons and the weather and even going out on an Autumn walk. 
After Christmas, we will learn about Superheroes, and all of their secrets. Then, to celebrate what we have learnt we will have a Superhero Party, where we dress up as our favourite superhero.

In Spring, our topic is Animals, which will include visitors from Sam Safari.  
Our next topic will be all about Journeys and we are planning a visit from a space dome.

Finally, for our last topic we will be learning about Woodlands.  We will be reading lots of stories about adventures in a forest, and will have a visit from forest school.
In amongst all of this we will also learn to read, write and count confidently. What a busy and exciting year!
My Planning, Preparation and Assessment time will be on Friday afternoons and during this time Mr Nixon will be teaching the class.
I also encourage you to read a story with your child every day, and ensure that your child has their PE kits in school on Monday.

I am really looking forward to teaching the Year 1 Zebras.

Miss Turner and Miss Robertshaw


Year 1 Pandas - Miss Wilson

Welcome to Year 1 Pandas 

What an exciting journey amongst us! Our aim is to be happy! Have fun!  Smile and be successful learners! Every day will be exciting, you will have the best time in Year 1. I have high aspirations for all the children I teach I aim to bring out the good in every individual. Tell me your dreams, your goals your wishes and we will ensure to help you develop skills to achieve them every step of the way. 

Our first topic will be about dinosaurs, our classroom will be transformed into a dinosaur kingdom, were children can explore, create and learn all about how and where dinosaurs lived. Children will discover dinosaur skeletons and learn why certain dinosaurs were adapted to suit and live in certain environments. Within this topic children will learn new words, learn rhymes and discover stories about dinosaurs.

Other topics we will be looking at are; seasons, superheroes, space and journeys, for all our topics in year1, we aim to create fantastic hooks in our learning to entice children, we do our very best to make learning fun and achievable to all.

Our days for our fantastic fun P.E session will be on a Monday afternoon so make sure all children have appropriate clothing for this, no earrings please.

In Year 1 my aim is to give children the very best start, I can assure you that if you look at books and read stories to your children, your child will become a good reader. In our class we have a ‘we love to read’ display; each child as a picture of them inside a panda every time you read with your child at home their panda moves up the bamboo stick, each child will physically see how fast and how high they move up! The children that reach the top will win a super prize and develop lifelong skills to eventually become independent readers.

Myself and Miss Bull as really excited to be teaching every single one of you this year, we can’t wait to see you grown and achieve your personal best.

Miss Wilson 

Year 2 Ladybirds - Miss Harding

Hello and welcome to Year 2 Ladybird Class!

We are looking forward to a fantastic, fun, great year. I have planned an exciting year and have made sure that we are going on trips, having plenty of visitors and completing many practical experiences. We are starting by learning about Castles. At the end of the term, we will be having our own class Medieval Banquet. We are so lucky to have a singing teacher coming to work with us.  This means lots of singing and even some dancing.

On the run up to Christmas, we are then moving on to our topic of ‘Food’’.  We will be finding out about healthy food and also doing lots of exercise. We are also going to be having some very special visitors in, they will be from “Warburtons” (the bread company).   The children will have the opportunity to make fresh bread and even better...eat it!

We will be finding out about the Great Fire of London and delve into History. We will look at Samuel Peeps and his part in the Great Fire of London. We will be producing some amazing art work.  We can’t wait to see it!

Our next topic will be “Minibeasts” This will be amazing. We know that the children will love it! We will be growing butterflies and experiencing the life cycle first hand in front of our eyes.  As the weather will be wonderful, we will have the opportunity to be part of so much outdoor learning.  The children will be bug detectives and search for insects outside and investigate their habitats . 

The last term of the year will see us learning all about “Seasides”.  We will be going on a trip and visiting the Beach. How much fun will that be?  

The children in our class are going to love this year!

My Planning, Preparation and Assessment time will be on Wednesdays. During this time Mrs Hussain will be teaching the class.

Our PE day is Tuesday. All children are expected to bring their PE kits.

We are so proud to be part of the Fir Vale team, we would love the children to be too. Therefore, we would like ALL children to wear their uniform with pride!

It is so important that all children bring a book bag as we need children to be reading every night at home with parents. 

We are excited for this year, I hope you are too!

Miss Harding

Year 2 Parrots - Miss Townsend

Welcome to year 2 Parrots! I am Miss Townsend and our amazing teaching assistant is Miss Al-Hakam.

Our first topic for the year is all about castles. This is a very exciting topic in which we will be learning about kings, queens, knights, castles and even about dragons!

This topic will involve lots of history and art work and I’m excited to see you all start to design and make your own models of castles.

Our PE lesson this year will be on Tuesday afternoons, so please remember to bring your PE kit.

One thing that people might not know about me is that I have two pet cats at home. One is called Kurt, named after a musician, and the other one is called Oscar. They are both incredibly cute!

Miss Townsend

Year 3 Elephants - Mr Suleiman

Welcome to the Year 3 Giraffes.

We’ve got an exciting year ahead of us. To begin the year we will be looking to explore the topic Pirates.

We will then complete the autumn term by looking at celebrations from around the world. At the start of the spring term we shall look at what it takes to be a hero or a villain; who they are? Where we can find them? What do they look like? We shall then dip into and explore Owls. What makes them special? How do they fly? What do they eat? Afterwards in the summer term we will dive into the world or robotics and airplanes. How are they made? What materials are being used? We will then look into our next topic, caves. What are cave paintings? Who drew them? What can you hear in caves?

We will be having P.E. on Wednesdays so make sure to bring your P.E. kit. This consists of a white t-shirt, a pair of blue of black shorts. Leggings are allowed and a pair of trainers or plimsolls.

A homework menu will be sent out before the start of each half-term. These are allocated points on the number of work you bring in.

It’s important to read at home every day. You can find many books to take home in the classroom. Use your book bag to take them home and bring them back. Write in your reading diary to keep track of all of the books you have read.

I’m looking forward to the fun year ahead!

Mr Suleiman 

Year 3 Lions - Miss Saeed

Welcome to Y3 Lions.

I am Miss Saeed and I will be teaching in our class. We will have PE on Wednesdays so you must make sure to bring in your PE kit. This year we have lots of exiting topics we will be learning about.

In the beginning of the year we will be learning about invaders, where we will be looking at Anglo-Saxons and Vikings. In autumn 2 we will look at celebration around the world such as Christmas, Eid and Diwali.

During the second term we will be will be looking at different kinds of heroes and villains such as Burglar Bill. After this we will be learning about owls.

We have different visitors coming into school this year as well as some fun trips. In our summer term we will be having a look at robots and aeroplanes. Our final topic of the year is caves, where we will be looking at the stone-age.

We have lots of books in school for children to read. It is very important all children read every day! Homework will be set each week where everyone has the opportunity to gain points.

We will have a fantastic school year and I am looking forward to teaching Y3 Lions!

Miss Saeed 

Year 4 Giraffes - Mr Purcell

Welcome to Year 4, I am Mr Purcell and our teaching assistant is Mrs Saddique.

Our first topic for the year is called “Green Deal”. This is a very exciting topic in which we will be learning about the environment and how we can look after it. This topic will involve lots of science work and I’m excited to see you all carry out experiments and work effectively in teams.

Within maths we shall begin by doing some basic number work and learning about place value.

During the first half term, our literacy work will focus on designing posters to highlight the impact of pollution on Earth, followed by writing letters to our school governors to highlight ways in which we can become a “green friendly” school.

We will have PE on a Thursday, so it is important that you bring your kit. You will need a white t-shirt, a pair of blue or black shorts (or leggings) and a pair of trainers.

I’m looking forward to a hard-working, rewarding and enjoyable year.

I am a huge fan of football and support Derby County. One thing you may not know about me is that I once got an autograph from Cristiano Ronaldo.

Mr Purcell

Year 4 Goats - Miss Chambers

Welcome to Year 4 Goats.

I am Miss Chambers and I will be teaching you this year and our teaching assistant is Mrs Guo, we are both very excited about having you in our class.

We have lots of exciting things planned this year, we will be going on trips, having visitors come in to talk to us and have many interesting topics to cover.

Try and read with your child every night to help them with their reading and ask them questions about what they have read.

We will be going swimming every Wednesday so you will need to bring a towel, swim suit or shorts and a bag to put all of these in.

Our P.E lesson is on a Thursday so you need to make sure that your P.E kit is in school.

Any questions please come and speak to either myself or Mrs Guo.

Miss Chambers 

Y5 Owls - Miss Cavell

Welcome to Y5 Owls.

We have lots of exciting things to learn about this year. Our first topic is Ancient Egypt and the gruesome way they prepared their bodies for the Afterlife!

Further topics this year are A to B (about journeys), Chocolate, Toys, In the garden and Forces.  

In amongst all of this we will be working very hard on our reading, writing and maths.

Our P.E lessons are on Wednesday afternoon. You will need a white t-shirt, a pair of blue or black shorts or leggings and a pair of trainers.

A homework menu will be sent out at the start of each topic and there will be a prize for achieving the highest number of points. 

It is also important that you read at home every day and complete your reading diary. A book bag has been provided for you to carry your books to and from school.

Your Big Maths Learn Its and weekly spellings will also be sent home to learn.

I am looking forward to a hard-working but enjoyable year.

Miss Cavell

Y6 Cheetahs - Mr Dawson

Welcome to Y6 Cheetahs! This year the children will be learning lots of exciting things.

Our first topic will be called ‘Conflicts’ and we will be learning about World War Two, battles and wars from long ago. I am certain that children in Year 6 will love learning about how wars and conflicts have shaped our world. In addition, we will be learning about a special person called Anne Frank. Our trip will be to Bradford Cathedral to take part in the Oasis Peace Day. This will be in November.

In May, the Year 6 children will be taking some important tests called SATs. These tests allow you to see how well your child is learning in our school. I fully understand that the SATs tests can be stressful but please be assured that I and Mr Nixon will do all we can to make the tests and the build up to them as pain free as possible!

We will have a SATs meeting before Christmas. More information will follow.

Homework and spellings will be set each week and I expect it to be returned before a set deadline.

PE lessons will be on a Tuesday afternoon and it is important that children have the correct kit (t-shirt, shorts or jogging bottoms and trainers with laces).

I also encourage you to listen to your children read each night for a maximum of 10 minutes.

If you have any questions or concerns, please come into school and speak to me in person or email me via the Academy Office: info@oasisfirvale.org

I am really looking forward to teaching the wonderful Year Six Cheetahs!

Mr Dawson and Mr Nixon