Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Starting Nursery

We are proud of our Early Years Environment and all the high-quality learning areas we have to offer our children.  

At Oasis Academy Fir Vale we understand starting Nursery is a huge change for children (and families). We know that it is vital for children to feel safe and secure therefore we have put into place a general transition. However, as all children are unique, to support this transition to be as smooth as possible, we ensure it is individual to each child starting with us and we go at the pace of the child with support of their family. Our induction allows children to become familiar with the setting and staff enabling them to settle well.

Key person

When your child starts, we allocate them a key person.  This is the person who: 

  • Is your main point of contact within the setting 
  • Helps your child to become settled, happy and safe 
  • Is responsible for your child’s care, development and learning 
  • Takes a careful note of your child’s progress, sharing this with you and giving you ideas as to how to help your child at home 



As this will be a new experience for many children they may become upset in the first few weeks. This is normal for young children as they are unaware of their surroundings and some find it difficult to separate from their adult. 

Please continue to support us by bringing your child everyday, even if they are upset, as the longer they are in school the more they will become used to it. Settling isn’t something that get better with age it is about getting used to a new experience.