Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Dark Nights Awareness

Click on the image below to see South Yorkshire Police's advice for staying safe around Halloween and Bonfire Night

South Yorkshire Police's main safety messages for Staying Safe around Halloween and Bonfire Night are:


·         If no lights are on; ignore don’t knock on the door.

·         Don’t trick or treat alone and don’t enter stranger’s houses.

·         Be careful when using fireworks and sparklers.

·         In an emergency phone 999.

5 top tips on How to “Be Bright and Be seen”

1.       Brightly coloured or fluorescent clothing will show up well in daylight and at dusk (but not in the dark).

2.       If you’re out when it’s dark wear reflective gear to make sure you can be seen in car headlights. Reflective vests, sashes or wristbands work well. Remember, fluorescent clothing doesn’t work well after dark!

3.       Even small items such as clip-on reflectors, armbands and stickers on your school outfit or bag are a great way to improve your visibility.

4.       If you like to cycle, remember it is the law to have working front and rear lights as well as rear reflector. Its good to add spoke reflectors too.

5.       Always make sure you choose routes and crossing places that are well lit and always use the Green Cross Code.

Great accessories to help you "Be Bright and Be Seen" include:

Bright/reflective/fluorescent  stickers

Reflective vest

High vis belt/sash

Fluorescent cap

Brightly coloured backpack