Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Speaking and Listening

At Oasis Fir Vale, we activity promote the speech and language development of all our children and recognise the importance of speech and language development in learning. Many of our children have English as an additional language and speak multiple languages, which we recognise as a real advantage! To support our children in their speech and language development, and their development of English, we have a number of interventions in place that are implemented across school.

LEAP (Language Enrichment Activity Programme) is an intervention designed by the Sheffield NHS Speech and Language Therapy Service. It is delivered by Teaching Assistants across the school, from Nursery-Y6, supporting both those who are learning English as an Additional Language (EAL) and those who have speech, language and communication needs. It focuses on teaching language in different categories of meaning; body, clothes, animals, home and transport, food, and actions, supporting vocabulary and language development.

Stories for Talking is an approach which is implemented across Early Years Foundation Stage. It focuses on facilitating language development, based around story time. This gives children a really good foundation on which to hang their language development. Children learn vocabulary about animals, furniture, and other early language categories, and move up through the developmental language ‘levels’ as appropriate.

Teachers across the school use language strategies to support children speech, language and communication, and development of English as an additional language. Communicate in Print is used across the school as a visual aid to support children’s listening, understanding and talking.  Word mats are created each half term using Communicate in Print so that the children can learn topic related words using a picture to help them.

Some children in our school also need individualised support with their speech, language and communication, or development of English, and receive 1:1 or small group intervention with a speech and language specialist. If you feel that your child would benefit from specialised intervention, LEAP or Stories for Talking intervention, please speak to their class teacher.