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Equality & Accessibility

Accessibility Plan 2019-2022

This plan shows how access is to be improved for disabled pupils, staff and visitors to the school, anticipating the need to make reasonable adjustments to accommodate their needs where practicable.

 disabled students have full access to all areas of learning

 Academy routines and the curriculum are reviewed to ensure that disabled students are not placed at a disadvantage

 Academies will use specialist furniture and equipment for students with specific physical needs

 disabled students can take advantage of all that the Academy has to offer

This plan has been developed in conjunction with pupils, parents, staff and the Regional Director and will advise other school planning documents.

The plan will be reviewed by the academy and monitored by the Regional Director.

We will:

  • Gather information on registration from children and families, for example, information about disabilities, health and medical needs
  • Take into account individual children’s disabilities and their and their families preferences
  • Ask about reasonable adjustments that can be made to support staff needs (usually set out in individual risk assessments in accordance with Occupation Health guidance)


We believe children learn best when they have opportunities to engage in meaningful first hand experiences that take into account their strengths and next steps for development.  We tailor the curriculum and our provision by:

  • Finding out about children’s interests
  • Observing and assessing children’s knowledge, skills and understanding and using this to inform planning
  • Supporting children in both English and home language where possible
  • Developing, implementing and reviewing individual play and education plans as required
  • Working with partner agencies and acting on their advice eg, Portage, Learning Support Service, Occupational Therapy, Hearing Impaired Service

Physical Environment

There is a flat access to the school building via the main entrance.  The school is two storeys and there is a life.  There are designated disabled parking bays in the car park.  There are accessible toilets in school. 

Accessibility of Information

We aim to make information we provide more accessible by:

  • Use of visual aids, gestures and Makaton
  • Use of talking tins, talking postcards and Ipads
  • Support from specialist practitioners
  • Verbal translation 

Accessibility Plan 

Click here to download our Accessibility Plan

Equality Act Action Plan 2019-2022


Actions Required

Person(s) Responsible

Resources and Timescale


Evaluation / Outcomes

Objective 1: To diminish the attainment difference and ensure that children identified as disadvantaged progress well from their starting points across EYFS, KS1 and KS2


Improving equality of opportunity

See PPG spend plan


PPG grant

Regional Director


Academy Council


Annual attainment targets


Annual progress scores above 0 and floor 

Objective 2: To raise achievement (progress & attainment) and enjoyment in reading at all phases


Improving equality of opportunity


Book bags and accessible reading diaries for every child


Take home library in class


Reading buddies - introduce


Translated community traditional tales book


5 day reading/story session plan – embed in all classes


Leadership time for RH


English consultant support


English SLE support





Regional Academies Director


Academy Council


Reading attainment and progress data


Consistently 100% good or better teaching


100% of core children make at least expected progress


Pupil voice

Objective 3: To promote spiritual, moral, social and cultural development through all appropriate curricular opportunities, with particular reference to issues of equality and diversity


Eliminating discrimination

Quality circle times in all key stages daily


Investigate schemes of work eg, Jigsaw


CRESST peer mediation project – introduce and embed


Embed Anti-bullying Ambassadors & Play Leaders


Work to achieve school of sanctuary award


Equality champion to access Stonewall training




Resources - £s

Regional Director


Academy Council


Child voice


Decrease in behaviour incidents and exclusions


SMSC provision judged as ‘good’ by Ofsted and Oasis


School of sanctuary award

Objective 4:

To develop a process to better engage with all communities in our local area


Consulting and involving those affected by inequality in the decisions taken to promote equality and eliminate discrimination



Strategy to publish equality information taking account of General Data Protection Requirements


Develop a parent forum and appoint a parent Academy Council rep


You said, we did on website and information screens and display board


Hub building feasibility study   












School data system


Time – parent champion


Regional Director


Academy Council









Data is collected and analysed to develop a better understanding of the local area so provision of extended services meets community need


Hub progresses from ‘Seedling’ to ‘Infant hub’


100% of families would recommend OAFV - parent view




Objective 5: To review levels of parental and pupil engagement in learning and school life, across all activities to ensure equity and fairness in access and engagement.


Improving equality of opportunity

Parent consultation attendance tracking


Promotion of celebration assembly through special events and invites


Menu of activities for families to access throughout the year – family learning, adult learning, community events, parenting group




Time – parent champion


Language support




Regional Director


Academy Council


Success Measure:

Attendance at school events improves and is representative of the characteristics of the school