Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

SMSC - Spiritual, Moral, Social, Cultural

Spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is promoted through the school aims.  The three school rights which are; the right to respect, the right to be safe and the right to learn.  The Oasis 9 habits and the Oasis Fir Vale experience trail.  

Spiritual:  This includes exploring beliefs and experiences, respecting faiths, feelings and values, enjoying learning about oneself, others and the surrounding world, being able to reflect, and using imagination and creativity

Moral:  This includes recognising right and wrong, respecting the law, understanding consequences, investigating moral and ethical issues, offering reasoned views and having an appreciation of British values.

Social:  This includes investigating moral issues, appreciating diverse viewpoints, participating, volunteering and cooperating, resolving conflict and engaging with the fundamental values of British democracy.

Cultural: This includes appreciating cultural influences, appreciating the role of Britain’s parliamentary system, participating in culture opportunities and understanding, accepting, respecting and celebrating diversity.

In addition to this, we seek to raise their aspirations, encourage and develop future leaders and enrich their understanding of the world through special events.



  • Collective worship is provided through daily class reflection time, use of Picture news resources, and the Friday celebration assembly
  • RE lessons provide an opportunity for children to learn about and discuss beliefs and religion  
  • Children have opportunities to learn about religious events and celebrations – Ramadan & Eid, Christmas
  • Children take part in national reflection events – Remembrance day, National reflection day
  • Children take part in activities where they can use their imagination and learn to infer – once upon a picture
  • Children have opportunities to learn about religious events and celebrations – Ramadan & Eid, Christmas
  • Children take part in national reflection events – Remembrance day, National reflection day
  • Children take part in activities where they can use their imagination and learn to infer – once upon a picture


  • Children can talk about different religions
  • Children know how to treat people who have different values and beliefs with respect
  • Children learn how to think deeply and ask questions
  • Children develop their imagination and creativity



  • PSHE and RSE scheme of work
  • Oasis 9 habits, character development and think for the future interventions
  • Additional experiences throughout the year – Fairtrade fortnight, Earth day, environment week, Black history month
  • Police visits to school
  • Visits to crucial crew


  • Children learn that everyone has rights. 
  • Children develop personal values to make a positive contribution to modern society.
  • Children learn to challenge stereotypes and understand they choose and can change their values.



  • Academy ‘rules’ and rewards:  Children know and understand them, they are simple, clear and fair. Children are taught to understand they are responsible for their behaviour through the language of choice and that actions have consequences.
  • Through the zones of regulation children learn how their behaviour choices impact on other people and how communication, feelings and behaviour are linked.
  • Children’s choice opportunities to work with children from different year groups 
  • PSHE scheme of work and circle time
  • Shine transition project Fir Vale School mentoring project


  • Children take responsibility for their behaviour choices and know that actions have consequences
  • Children understand how to behave in school and society in a socially acceptable way
  • Children know how to regulate their emotions and how to resolve conflict
  • Children can listen to others and respect different points of view



  • RE & PSHE & music schemes of work
  • Children learn about celebrations throughout the year – St Mikulas Day, Chinese New Year, Roma Day
  • Children explore, value and celebrate difference through PSHE sessions, RE sessions and circles times. 
  • Topics include opportunities to learn about other countries and cultures
  • The work of the school parliament, parliament week and links to local MPs
  • Page Hall festival & Oasis talent show



  • Children can talk about their own beliefs and the beliefs of others
  • Children know how to treat others with respect and celebrate diversity

Future Leaders

Children develop leadership skills by applying to take on different roles in school


  • Young Interpreters – This involves training children to act as mentors for their peers who are learning English as an additional language.
  • Wellbeing Champions – Their role is to promote positive mental health.
  • Peer Mediators – Their role is to help children develop the skills to handle conflict well. The mediators are trained by CRESST in conflict resolution and mediation via the University of Sheffield.
  • Anti-Bullying Ambassadors – Their role is to give inspiration to others, promote anti-bullying initiatives and carry out practical ideas to prevent bullying and ensure everyone feels safe and happy in the academy. They receive training provided by
  • Student Parliament – The student parliament serves as the students' representative body. It initiates and directs student activities, helps share students' ideas, interests and concerns. They help to make decisions about how the school is run and take on projects that support the children's learning and development, such as organising charity events, representing the school at outside events or ensuring the school is environmentally friendly.. After a visit from MP, Gill Furniss, she said “The pupils (student parliament) shared their interest in the promotion of online safety due to their own experience of social media, and it is admirable that they wanted to raise awareness regarding this issue with their local MP.”
  • Play Leaders – Encourage and promote pupils to play games together. They have received training via skilled sports experts in how to engage children in play and games.


Special Events

We have a number of special events, such as our, Eid, Diwali and Christmas assemblies, as well as participating in world days and months such as World mental health Day and Black History Month. We also enjoy a summer and winter fayre, with participation from local groups, parents and children. You can read about more events on our news page here.

Special Event - Black History Month
Special Event - World Culture Day
Special Events - Outdoor Eid Assembly

The Experience Trail

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