Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Transforming Learning


We aspire for all pupils to achieve their personal and academic best and to be well prepared to adapt to this ever-changing world.   To match our unique context, we have designed a bespoke curriculum based on the National Curriculum.  It is driven by first hand experiences, language development and social and emotional development.  It is ambitious as it aims to address social disadvantage by removing barriers to learning and raising aspirations.  This is achieved through widening experiences, explicit teaching of social skills and emotional regulation and opportunities to acquire vocabulary, knowledge and skills in context.  


Our curriculum has been carefully designed for our context. It is based on the early language semantic categories with vocabulary at the centre.  We use a topic approach under 6 ‘umbrella’ headings; people, structures, science, food, animals and places.  For each topic we have carefully selected the most useful language, knowledge and skills for each year group in relevant subjects so skills and knowledge build on what has been taught before.  Our curriculum provides children with memorable, real life experiences through which children learn new vocabulary, skills and knowledge in context.  Wherever possible we include links to the local area and community. 
The curriculum incorporates the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum 2014 and other experiences and opportunities which best meet the learning and developmental needs of the children in our school.  We provide opportunities for children to try new things to raise aspirations through our Oasis Fir Vale experience trail. We also promote an appreciation of creativity and achievement through themed weeks throughout the year.  We teach children lifelong learning skills and dispositions so they can progress well from their starting point and take advantage of future opportunities.
We provide a safe and calm environment to support wellbeing.  Every child is provided with a free breakfast in school and we use active breaks to support children to concentrate.  We teach children social skills, emotional regulation strategies, mindfulness and relaxation techniques to develop children’s social and emotional skills.  This ensures children are supported to develop resilience and learn to manage everyday stress effectively.  We teach character development through the Oasis 9 habits so children are given the tools to make an active contribution to our diverse society.

Because the vast majority are new to learning English, creating a love of reading is at the heart of the school day alongside a focus on language acquisition, concentration, listening skills and high-quality phonics teaching.    Our approach to learning and teaching is rooted in the principals of metacognition and Rosenshine’s principles of instruction.  Subject leaders play an important part in the success of the curriculum.  All subject leaders access training to develop their own subject knowledge, skills and understanding, so they can support curriculum development and their colleagues throughout the Academy.
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We take pride in our a highly inclusive environment and we are proud to have achieved the school of sanctuary status.  We provide children with challenges, extra opportunities and support so they can achieve their potential.  Our staff form positive relationships with children and get to know each individual.  We have high expectations for each child and ensure they are given the support to develop at a pace and in a way that matches their individual needs.  We aim to involve parents in school life through developing strong partnerships. 


Enjoyment of the curriculum promotes achievement, confidence and good behaviour. Children feel safe to try new things. High quality visits and visitors to the school enhance the curriculum and provide opportunities for children to write for a purpose.  Our context driven bespoke curriculum ensures our pupils develop strong outcomes in terms of personal, social and emotional skills and lifelong learning dispositions.  As a result of high quality teaching and the carefully structured curriculum pupils make strong progress in reading, writing and maths from their individual starting points.

The unique nature of the academy is key when analysing data on attainment and progress.  Published pupil outcomes do not reflect the achievements of children in our academy.  This is because ‘in year’ mobility of children is high and the percentage of children who are new to English or in the early stages of English acquisition is also high.  In addition to this the number of children who have had consistent schooling from the UK statutory school age is low.   Attainment is higher for home grown children who have been in the academy longer.  Our curriculum enables children to acquire English, develop lifelong learning dispositions, take pride in achievements, improve   social skills and manage emotions in socially acceptable ways.

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If you wish to learn more about our curriculum, please contact Mrs Round, Principal. You can read more about our curriculum approach here and our Oasis Statement of Intent here.  

If you wish to discuss any matters regarding safeguarding please contact Mrs Beevor, Safeguarding Officer.