Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Transforming Learning

The Primary Education phase of your child's life is so important in terms of helping children develop and build the foundation of necessary skills for learning and retention. These are the years where we can influence the desire to learn and to create a life long passion for learning. If you wish to learn more about our curriculum, please contact Mrs Round, Principal.  

At Oasis Academy Fir Vale we offer a curriculum that will develop confident, independent learners and enable every pupil to achieve their personal best. We believe that all of our students are capable of experiencing remarkable success given the right conditions to succeed no matter what their starting point is. To that end we offer our young people a diverse, fun, experiential curriculum, designed to suit all needs and learning types. Whether children are are hands on learners or prefer to listen and absorb, we tailor our classes to help your child get the best from their time with us.

Our children need:

  • Real life or practical experiences
  • Language acquisition in English
  • Chunking & repetition — teach, do, review
  • Raised aspirations
  • Learning skills

To help them with their learning, we have introduced characters into the curriculum that the children can relate to and weave into their understanding and development :Ronaldo Ready to Learn, Ivan Independence, Ozzy Organised, Petra Presentation & Renata Resilience  

Integrated Topics 

We have designed a bespoke, inspiring curriculum for our children called 50 things to do before you leave our school.  It is driven by first hand experiences, language development and high quality books.        

Learning objectives from the National Curriculum are  arranged under topic headings for each half term that support children to acquire or consolidate knowledge, understanding and skills in a meaningful way.  Each topic has a hook which is a practical experience and learning builds up to a ‘finish’ for children to showcase their knowledge, understanding and skills. 

Learning is  celebrated through cross curricular displays and floor books.  Attainment and progress is tracked using knowledge organisers and a skills and experiences passport for each topic for each year group. 

Children learn scientific, technical, artistic and humanity skills through differentiated integrated sessions which enable children to practise and apply linguistic and mathematical skills in a meaningful context.  National curriculum objectives are mapped out across each year group to ensure progression. 

We believe in the importance of learning through play, indoors and outdoors.  Each area of provision includes challenges for children to apply their developing skills in maths, reading and mark making.  

If you would like more information about Safeguarding in the Curriculum, please speak to Miss Wilson, Mrs Beevor or Mrs Round.  A paper copy of this overview is available upon request.