Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

British Values

British values in the curriculum

The Oasis 9 habits underpin everything we do.  They help children learn about self esteem, respect, empathy, tolerance and so promote fundamental British Values.  They give children tools to make an active contribution to diverse society.  In addition we hold whole school events linked to this; St George’s Day, Roma Day, Children in Need.  Promotion of British      values helps children build resilience to radicalisation and enables them to challenge extremist views. 

We actively promote the fundamental British values:

· Democracy:  Respect for democracy and support for participation in the democratic process

· Rule of Law:  Respect for the basis on which the law is made and applies in England

· Individual Liberty:  Support for equality of opportunity for all and support and respect for the liberties of all within the law

· Mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs: Respect for, and tolerance of, different faiths and religious and other beliefs  



· Academy pupil parliament:  Children vote to select representatives from their class, who then take ideas to the council and help make school wide decisions. 

· Debates:  Children take part in discussions in lessons and are supported to prepare balanced arguments and learn about making informed choices.

· Major Events:  Children learn about current UK or world events in class assemblies.

· EAL Support:  Children with limited language acquisition are supported to participate.

· Educational Visits: Y6 visit the Houses of Parliament.


Þ Children have a voice.

Þ Children develop an understanding of the democratic process—making changes.

Þ Children learn to listen to and respect different opinions. 


Rule of Law


· Academy ‘rules’ and rewards:  Children know and understand them, they are simple, clear and fair.  Children are taught to understand they are responsible for their behaviour through the language of choice and that actions have consequences.

· Crucial Crew & school visitors:  The Police regularly visit school to talk to classes. Year 6 children attend crucial crew where UK law is explained through first hand scenarios.

· Safety:  Children are taught how to keep themselves safe through assemblies, PSHE sessions and visitors to school.  

· Sporting Events:  Children participate in games and sports where there are clear rules.  


Þ Children take responsibility for their behaviour choices.

Þ Children know that actions have consequences.

Þ Children know how to keep themselves safe.

Þ Children learn how rules and laws can help keep us safe



Individual Liberty


· Rights:  Children learn about the school rights and Unicef rights in assemblies.

· Anti-Bullying:   Circle time and PHSE sessions focus on this regularly.  Children also take part in anti-bullying week activities each year.   

· Stereotyping:   These are challenged by all staff day to day in an on-going way through PSHE lessons.

· Self Confidence and self esteem:  Praise is used effectively to support children’s self esteem and    confidence to have a go and keep on trying.  The pastoral team also deliver a range of interventions.  

· Values:  Children learn about the Oasis 9 habits through assemblies and PSHE work.


Þ Children develop self confidence, self esteem and social skills.

Þ Children learn that everyone has rights. 

Þ Children develop personal values to make a positive contribution to modern society.

Þ Children learn to challenge stereotypes and understand they choose and can change their values.




Mutual Respect & Tolerance


· Places of Worship:  Children learn about places of worship through the RE Agreed Syllabus. 

· Values:  Children learn about the Oasis 9 habits through assemblies and PSHE work.

· Difference:  Children explore, value and celebrate difference through PSHE sessions, RE     sessions and circles times. 

· Seasonal:  Seasonal events are celebrated in the Academy  eg Chinese New Year, Roma Day, Eid, Christmas. 


Þ Children learn about their own beliefs and the beliefs of others.

Þ Children learn to respect people with different beliefs to their own.

Þ Children learn that they can expect others to respect their beliefs.