Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community



Spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is provided for through the overarching school culture.  The three school rights which are the right to respect, the right to be safe and the right to learn positively impact on children understanding how to behave in school and society in a socially acceptable way.  They learn how their behaviour choices impact on other people and how communication, feelings and behaviour are linked.


Children with special educational needs or disabilities 

The needs of children with SEND are communicated securely and effectively through Learner Profiles, APDRs, My Plans, EHCPs and reports from outside agencies.  For children with high levels of need a focus on life skills and how to keep safe is included regularly in provision. 

The children in school with high/complex levels of additional need (level 4 and above on the Sheffield Support Grid) work closely with a key adult who builds a positive relationship with them. Staff know children well meaning they are able to respond appropriately to changes in behaviour. 

If communication is one of the areas of need children will be supported to communicate using non-verbal communication methods e.g. Makaton, gesture and Communicate in Print.  These skills enable children to communicate worries or    concerns they may have.  



We are committed to meeting the needs of students with disabilities, as we are to meeting the needs of all groups of students, under the requirements of the Equality Act 2010. 

Oasis is committed to implementing the following objectives for 2019 - 2022:

· Celebrating, communicating and promoting equality, diversity and Inclusion in all we do

· Designing and facilitating training for staff, volunteers and students

· Understanding Oasis – identifying, monitoring and addressing differential patterns across the protected characteristics in the recruitment, progression and achievement of our staff, volunteers and students

· Promoting and embedding inclusive learning, teaching and language

· Embedding good equality, diversity and inclusion practice into our daily activities and decision making processes

· Identify opportunities to embed equality, diversity and inclusion by conducting equality impact assessments when developing policies or projects



Safeguarding in the curriculum

Each half term children learn about how to keep themselves safe and healthy through a focus on a topic usually linked to a national event.  This includes visits from organisations such as Childline or the Police.

We also teach children how to keep themselves safe and healthy through our be-spoke PSHE & SRE scheme of work.  In addition to this, children learn about online safety through computing sessions. 



Character Development & SEMH

We teach children learning dispositions so they can progress well from their starting point and take advantage of future opportunities.

We teach children social skills, emotional regulation strategies and mindfulness/relaxation techniques to develop children’s social and emotional skills.

We teach character development through the Oasis 9 habits so children are given the tools to make an active contribution to diverse society.



Extra curricular activities

Children take up opportunities to nurture and develop interests and skills in a range of spots and creative based activities through children’s choice, after school clubs and Archers sports partnership events.